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Specs to Consider When Shopping for a Microphone for Your Podcast

The digital age has brought about a comprehensive selection of ways to create content and entertain the public. From blogging to vlogging, carving your own niche can prove a lucrative way to monetise your creativity. Recently, there has also been an increased interest in podcasting. Podcasts are slowly replacing conventional radio as people have the opportunity to tune into different shows that match their interests. If you are planning to start your own podcast, your principal investment will be in a professional microphone. Read More 

How to Improve the Security of Your Web Based POS System

Many business owners have internet-based point of sale systems that allow them to process online and offline transactions. However, such systems may be vulnerable to cyber attacks by people who want to access clients' financial records or make fraudulent transactions over the internet. This article discusses some security measures that you can take to protect your POS system from cyber attacks: Implement a Password Policy Configure your point of sale software in such a way that each employee has his or her own password that he or she can use to access the system. Read More 

Tips and Advice for Selling Jewellery to Gold Buyers

If you have never done business with gold buyers, you may need a few tips and tricks to navigate the process. Though it may seem cut and dry, there are a few things that can confuse newcomers to the transaction. If you have the gold jewellery ready, then take these tips and advice into account to make the transaction as easy as possible. Know Your Rights It may seem odd to talk about your rights as a seller when you are dealing with gold buyers. Read More 

What To Look For When Considering A Gun Safe

In Australia, it is a legal requirement that firearms must be safely locked away in safes or steel cabinets. While sturdy wooden safes can sometimes be considered for weapons that fall into category A or B, gun owners must usually conform to stringent storage requirements to enable them to own weapons for sport or safety. What types of gun safe should be considered in your particular case? Take Time To Plan Read More 

Great end of year gift ideas for teachers and day care workers

It can be difficult to work out the best gift to get your child's teacher or daycare carers, to show them how much your appreciate the care and support they have given your child in the last year. A lot of the time your child gets support from multiple carers and teachers over the week, making harder to find a great gift for all the people you need to buy for! Read More