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How to Improve the Security of Your Web Based POS System

Many business owners have internet-based point of sale systems that allow them to process online and offline transactions. However, such systems may be vulnerable to cyber attacks by people who want to access clients’ financial records or make fraudulent transactions over the internet. This article discusses some security measures that you can take to protect your POS system from cyber attacks: Implement a Password Policy Configure your point of sale software in such a way that each employee has his or her own password that he or she can use to access the system. The vendor of your equipment and software can provide guidance and training on how to do this. Such a policy will make it easy to track down which employee was responsible for a security breach since cyber security technicians can identify which password was used to access the system. Limit Service Personnel’s Access Service personnel may be people outside your business and you can’t be sure that they may not grant access to your POS to third parties. To cut down this possibility, you can set up temporary point of sale system accounts that have a time limit so that once that duration elapses then they cannot access the system. For instance, your system administrator can create a system that will be active for just a few hours during which maintenance is going on. Use VPNs for Remote Access A virtual private network (VPN) can be very helpful in preventing hackers from spying into and accessing any information you may be transmitting or receiving when you use a public network connection to log into your... read more

Tips and Advice for Selling Jewellery to Gold Buyers

If you have never done business with gold buyers, you may need a few tips and tricks to navigate the process. Though it may seem cut and dry, there are a few things that can confuse newcomers to the transaction. If you have the gold jewellery ready, then take these tips and advice into account to make the transaction as easy as possible. Know Your Rights It may seem odd to talk about your rights as a seller when you are dealing with gold buyers. You will find though, that certain transactions may require you to know your rights in order for the transaction to go as smoothly as possible. For example, if you have several pieces of jewellery that have stones, you have the right to ask for those prior to the end of the transaction. The gold buyer will not use them or buy them, in most cases, so know that you do have the right to ask for the stones. If they deny you the stones, end the transaction and find another gold buyer. Know Your Terminology You may already know what 24kt, 10kt, and 12kt mean, but you should also know the specific terminology that is used during a gold buying session. For example, an acid test is something that some gold buyers may use to find the purity of your gold pieces. A troy ounce is another term you may hear that refers to the traditional measurement for gold. Your buyer may refer to this alongside of the grams per weight or karat grams per weight reference. Research the Market Price It may help... read more

What To Look For When Considering A Gun Safe

In Australia, it is a legal requirement that firearms must be safely locked away in safes or steel cabinets. While sturdy wooden safes can sometimes be considered for weapons that fall into category A or B, gun owners must usually conform to stringent storage requirements to enable them to own weapons for sport or safety. What types of gun safe should be considered in your particular case? Take Time To Plan It’s worth taking a bit of time to determine what type of gun safe you want, where you are going to locate it and how you are going to plan for the safekeeping of your weapons. Remember that you may require access to a gun rather quickly in the event of a home invasion of some kind, so it makes sense to plan carefully at the outset. Multiple Locking Mechanisms Consider a good gun safe with multiple different locking mechanisms. The latest developments include the use of digital locking devices and biometric mechanisms to ensure that only you or designated members of your family have access to the interior of the safe. Biometric functionality could be especially beneficial in an urgent situation when you may not have ready access to keys. If you do not choose the biometric option and want to eliminate keys from the equation, then consider selecting a combination lock or a digital code pad. Water And Fire Proof It’s worth investing in a gun safe that is both waterproof and fireproof. This means that you can store your firearms, ammunition and other valuables within. It is recommended that the fireproof rating should be for... read more

Great end of year gift ideas for teachers and day care workers

It can be difficult to work out the best gift to get your child’s teacher or daycare carers, to show them how much your appreciate the care and support they have given your child in the last year. A lot of the time your child gets support from multiple carers and teachers over the week, making harder to find a great gift for all the people you need to buy for! Here are some ideas at a range of price points to give you some inspiration. $ – not much cash to spare A handmade gift from your child can be a lovely way to show the affection they have for your child. Ask your child to draw a picture of them with their teacher, doing something they enjoy. You can put this in an inexpensive frame or laminate the picture. Teachers love seeing the effect they have had on their students. Cheap mugs can also be easily monogrammed with your teachers initial and filled with homemade fudge, biscuits or a gift certificate for a small amount from a local coffee shop. Teachers and carers often have mismatched mugs in the break room and you can rest assured that your gift will get regularly used and admired by the other staff. $$ – enough to go around A fruit basket delivery with companies such as Boydita Flowers Delivered, is a thoughtful gift for teachers and daycare carers who often find themselves grabbing quick unhealthy snack from vending machine in between their work with your children. This can be a great gift for the staff to share in the break room,... read more

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